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Sustainable textiles feature in this collection, which will be available exclusively at Mango.com  

Mango launches its first homeware collection to complement the lifestyle of its customers, dressing the home as well as the wardrobe.Mediterranean lifestyle and culture are the main sources of inspiration of this project, and are also the DNA of the firm.

This season, the collection focuses on textile products for the bedroom, the living room and the bathroom.From Autumn/Winter 2021, products for the kitchen and the dining room will be added, completing the offer for the main rooms of the home.The initial launch features bed linen, cushion and duvet covers in various sizes, blankets, cushions, towels and bathrobes, as well as candles and mikados in various scents.

The aesthetic of this initial collection is based on clean and simple Mediterranean style, with a contemporary design which combines neutral colours such as browns, beiges, whites and greys, and touches of blue and green hues.Quality and attention to detail are the two key elements of each product.

Applying Mango’s commitment to sustainability, 75% of the textiles have sustainable properties, since they have been produced with fabrics such as linen and sustainable cotton or adopt sustainable processes.Furthermore, 80% of the items have been produced in countries close to Spain and the use of plastic packaging has been reduced in deliveries.

According to Laura Vila, Director of the Mango Home line, “launching this new collection is a natural evolution for Mango, in order to offer our customers a more lifestyle product.The designs are inspired by the Mediterranean and we have used mainly natural and sustainable materials for the first part of the collection, which focuses mainly on textile products".

The collection of homeware products is on sale exclusively on the online channel, Mango.com, and in selected European markets:Spain, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece, Romania, Croatia, Austria, Ireland, Sweden, the Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Denmark. 

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