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Once again this year, the firm is collaborating with the FERO Foundation, a cancer research organisation, to whom all profits from sales will be donated.

Last year alone, the collaboration between FERO and Mango managed to raise 170,000 €, which was donated to promote breast cancer research.

Mango and the FERO Foundation are once again joining forces this year to celebrate International Breast Cancer Day, which will be held on 19 October. The firm has put a new solidarity collection on sale, with all profits to be donated to the FERO Foundation for research into this disease.

The collection, which is available online and in a wide selection of stores worldwide, is made up of three t-shirts with different designs for the Woman line, a cosmetics case and a t-shirt for Violeta by Mango and another two t-shirts for the Man line. Both the garments and the accessories are characterised for their messages of strength and hope.

The collaboration between Mango and the FERO Foundation began in 2008, when the sisters Penélope and Mónica Cruz designed a t-shirt with the fashion firm to cooperate in the fight against Breast Cancer. In 2010 and 2011, the firm sold a t-shirt designed by Jordi Labanda in collaboration with the Foundation. Since 2017, both organisations have collaborated with the launch of a collection to celebrate International Breast Cancer Day.

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