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The company opens up its online platform in Spain, France and the Netherlands to the Intimissimi lingerie and homewear collections.

With this initiative, Mango is complementing its commercial offer with more than 4,000 new references.

Mango has commenced the sale of Intimissimi products via its e-commerce in Spain, France and the Netherlands. Mango customers can now shop the famous Italian brand’s collections of underwear, lingerie and homewear via the Mango online channel (web and app). In total, Mango will commence 4,000 new Intimissimi references via its online channel.

The aim of this alliance is to offer customers added value by extending the commercial offer in complementary product categories with firms that have a similar positioning to the Mango brand.

Mango’s Online and Customer Director, Elena Carasso, explains that “the integration of Intimissimi within Mango’s e-commerce is a major step for us, since it has allowed us to equip our online channel with marketplace capacities. We will continue to analyse new alliances, as long as they offer our customers added value and align with our image and brand values”.

In the coming months, Mango plans to extend the integration of Intimissimi on its online channel to some of the main markets in Europe.

The advance of Mango e-commerce

Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of its e-commerce, Mango closed 2020 with an online turnover of 766 million euros, 36% more than the previous year. This figure represents 42% of total group turnover, a percentage well in excess of the 24% recorded in 2019.

During 2021, the trend has remained positive. Mango’s e-commerce closed the first half-year with an increase of 37% compared to the same period in 2020 and 85% more than in 2019. The online channel accounted for 46% of total Mango turnover.

The company is maintaining its ambitious goal to close 2021 with an online turnover of 1 billion euros.


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