Ethnics collection SS’18 - Last Summer Diaries

Lembranças de um verão entre palmeiras, estampados geométricos de inspiração étnica, notas de amarelo-açafrão e tricô texturizado em tons de areia.

I wake up. Morning silence takes central stage in this house and I sit down to watch how the twilight comes into view. In the meantime, earthy colours and blue sky merge and create an idyllic contrast.

Midday inspiration. I walk through the souks, the deserted dunes, the emerald green palm groves... The air, warm and dense, takes me into a timeless dream. Deep inside the purity of this place in its maximum splendour.

As the day comes to an end. The last rays of sun vanish and give way to a thousand and one nights. I get lost in the landscapes, smells and murmurs of the place. Unable to resist, a reminiscent journey awaits.


Model: Steffy Argelich

Location: Marrakech

Photography: Angelo Pennetta