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The event brought together some of Spain's most famous faces from the fashion world and friends of the brand.

Located in one of the prime sites in Berlin, Mango opened its new flagship store in Kurfürstendamm street last June. The store is one of the first in the world and the second in Germany to feature the new Mediterranean-style store concept. It has a surface area of 1,401 m2 and sells the Woman, Man and Kids lines.

For the celebration, which took place in the new store in the German capital, Mango counted on some of the biggest celebrities in the fashion industry, press editors and influencers including Anaïs Eleni, Anna Mila, Betty Schupp, Cheyenne Tulsa, Desirée and Denise Kastull, Samira Prudentos, Tony Özkan, Valentin Delatron, Angelina Werner, Julia Helm, Laura Hettich, Louisa Brueg, Shawny Sander, Sofia Lola Lebedeva and Sophia Perrung. The event was also attended by the Mango Girls Veronika Heilbrunner, Claire Thomson-Jonville, Blanca Miró, Sofia Moser, Vicky Lefevre, Inés Ybarra and Sylvie Mus, and the Mango Men Marc Forné, Joan Palà and Miguel Carrizo. The same night, Mango offered an intimate dinner, enlivened by the performances of the singer Amilli and the DJ Matthias Geerts, a friend of the brand.

The store concept is inspired by the popular culture of the Mediterranean, the warmth and naturalness of its people, and its art and joyful spirit, which form the basis of Mango's DNA. The aim of the store is not only to display the brand’s latest collections, but also to become a centre that brings the Mediterranean experience and culture closer to its customers, allowing them to participate in the way of life that characterises Mango, by inviting them to enjoy and be a part of it, as well as improving the distribution of the collections and the store layout.

Sustainability, energy efficiency and architectural integration within the setting are key elements in the creation of new stores, which feature energy-efficient lighting and temperature control systems, as well as a design that incorporates sustainable materials, such as natural paints.

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