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MANGO increases its presence in the Slovenianmarket with the opening of its second store in the country, with plans to open a third store in the capital in the coming months

Barcelona, 15 March 2016 - MANGO is opening its second store in the Slovenian market today, in Ljubljana, in the City Park shopping centre.The store has a selling space of 600 m² distributed in a single space and will stock the MANGO Woman collection.The goal of the brand is to be present in the world’s major cities, dressing women at every moment of the day according to the latest fashion trends, while offering excellent value for money.Consequently, it is already planning the opening of a third store in the country in the coming months

According to the new strategy adopted in February 2016, the brand will stock its stores every two weeks with the very latest trends, in order to respond to the needs of the market.Speed and immediacy are key to this new strategy.

Every month, the brand will launch a different advertising campaign, featuring the latest trend and represented by the face that best defines it.After featuring Kendall Jenner as the face for the February 2016 campaign, the top model Liu Wen is the current image of MANGO’s March campaign, which features the Soft Minimal trend.This trend has a feminine style in a combination of dresses, lace tops and oversized garments with lace.Black and white combinations and the nostalgic slip dress accentuate the naturalness and freshness of the outfits.Fine and flowing fabrics such as silk translate the philosophy of simplicity and pure lines.

MANGO, which opened its first store in Barcelona’s Paseo de Gracia in 1984, began its international expansion in 1992 with the opening of two stores in Portugal.Today, it is present in 109 countries in all five continents with over 2,700 stores.Given the significant international presence of the brand, 83% of turnover corresponds to foreign markets and the remaining 17% to the domestic market.

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