The model Saskia De Brauw stars in the fourth capsule collection of sustainable garments and talks about her work as an artist, giving a second life to reclaimed objects.

In our need to escape the chaos, serenity acts as a cure for our daily routines and for the inspiration of environmentally-committed garments, like the ones in the new MANGO Committed capsule collection.The collection of garments designed with recycled fabrics that use sustainable fibres, which MANGO first launched last year.

The model Saskia De Brauw is the face of this campaign, which was shot in the “Aiguas Tortas” nature park.In addition to her work in the fashion world, she is an artist who introduces photographic, graphic or even “art performance” elements.The artist produces her work focusing on concepts such as space, the passing of time or cities, a symbol of mass activity.Her observations translate into works executed with reclaimed objects from various locations to produce a unique vision of clarity and simplicity.

The same minimalist beauty translates into the garments that make up this capsule collection.Natural materials such as wool, biodegradable fibres such as Tencel™ or recycled fibres such as viscose are used in silhouettes in shades of white, brown or aubergine.


MANGO Take Action

The MANGO Committed is not the firm’s only sustainable fashion initiative.The desire to continue creating fashion with a conscience has led MANGO to establish a goal to increase the proportion of sustainable fibres it uses and to commit to supporting the use of 50% sustainable cotton by 2022.

In addition, MANGO is continuing with its SECOND CHANCES project to recycle clothing and footwear, allocating the collected garments to local recycling (52%), international reuse (10%), upcycling (20%) and energy recovery (18%).


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