The brand has over 25 million followers on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Mango is launching its official page on TikTok, the platform for short-format mobile videos which, since its launch, has become one of the most-downloaded apps in the world, according to SensorTower.

The new official page is inspired by and seen as a complement to the conversations Mango has held with its community on culture, fashion and music, among other passions. Therefore, the brand will dedicate the new digital space to the self-expression and creativity of its creators, projecting a natural style while maintaining the identity this platform has created as a groundbreaking way of sharing video creations. Some of these pieces such as #WeekReview and #WorkoutWardrobe will be accompanied by the original music from the producers and composers, Pascal Moscheni and Pional.

From amusing videos to recordings inspired by different hashtags, the official Mango page on TikTok will provide a native environment for videos of up to 60 seconds in which creators will showcase their creative challenges aimed at exceeding the expectations of users. As Emilio Mosteiro, Mango Communication Director explains, “TikTok is a creative platform that is unique and totally different to what we are familiar with at present. For our community to create its own content in an honest and unfiltered manner is an extraordinary way of being able to create together and maintain the global connection we have with our people”.

Clara Elliott-Bauzá, TikTok Brand Partnerships Manager in Spain, comments: "Mango is one of the most iconic Spanish brands, and has revolutionised the fashion world and the way that people can create their own style, expressing who they really are. By opening an official page on TikTok, Mango is positioning itself at the cutting edge of the industry by reinventing the way it interacts with its customers and with the TikTok community, immersing it in the Mango universe and offering a new creative way to tell and share its story".

The launch of Mango on TikTok makes it one of the first high-street brands to launch on the new platform. Its posts will feature challenges such as #THANKGODITSFRIDAY or #THISLOOKGOTMELIKE and other exclusive content revealing anecdotes and moments from every session.

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