In the Mango Innovation Community customers and consumers are part of a forum in which they can interact, share and converse, generating a more solid and direct bond with the brand.

With this international initiative, Mango is moving one step further in its Customer Centric strategy.

Mango is launching a digital community, which aims to discover at first hand the needs, opinions and expectations of its customers, in order to adapt its products and business strategies to the post-coronavirus context.  

The Mango Innovation Community will allow the company to connect and interact in a more dynamic and direct way with the members of its community on issues as diverse as the brand, product design, the role of stores and the online shopping experience, as well as other topics of general interest, such as fashion, society or new consumption trends.

With this initiative, Mango aims to discover more about the needs of its customers, understand their expectations and their perception of the brand, and take their feedback into account in decision making. This will allow the brand to creative disruptive and novel initiatives and services which are aligned with its customer vision and respond to their new needs.

To join this community, customers simply need to log on to the microsite, available in Spanish, English and French, where they will need to complete a simple form.  Once registered, they will be able to participate in the forums that interest them most.

Members of the MangoInnovation Communitywill participate in periodic studies, such as brief questionnaires, in-depth interviews or co-creation sessions, depending on the topics to be discussed, which will be chosen by the Mango Innovation team.  

With this digital community, Mango is launching a new two-way communication channel with its customers, which, in addition to receiving their opinions, will inform its members of the discoveries it is making, the results obtained from research projects and other topics that may be of interest.

Through this international community, Mango is moving one step further in its Customer Centric strategy, which aims to place the customer at the centre of all its decisions.

The digital transformation of Mango

Mango launched its e-commerce platform in 2000, making it one of the first retail brands to do so. After 20 years, sales via this channel account for almost 24% of total group turnover, totalling 564 million euros in 2019. This figure represents a growth of 26.7% compared to the previous year.

The firm, which at the beginning of the year set itself the target of sales via the online channel accounting for 30% of total turnover in 2020, expects to surpass this figure, given the excellent performance its e-commerce is having.

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