Public and private.Indoor and outdoor.Personal.Even mental.Spaces shape our thoughts, evoke our memories and delineate our connections to others.

Public and private.Indoor and outdoor.Personal.Even mental.Spaces shape our thoughts, evoke our memories and delineate our connections to others.


Whether it is in the long artistic tradition of landscape art, where we can sense a spiritual element that is rooted in Eastern philosophy and the Romantic movement, or architectural representations –a gender masterly cultivated by the Renaissance creators and 20th century icons such as Giorgio de Chirico or Edward Hopper–, Art has explored our relationships with the spaces we pass through and prompted questions about our role as spectators.


Here, it is the photographic camera which conveys this narrative.With a strong poetic sensibility, Candida Höfer’s unpopulated rooms, Peter Beard’s visual diary of a wild Africa, Weng Fen’s enigmatic images of anonymous individuals facing landscapes, and Bae Bien-U’s captivating natural compositions devise their own discourses and encourage us to reflect on topics such as the impact on resources, cultural heritage and how we perceive and experience our surroundings.Thus, inviting us to virtually jump into their photographs or continue observing them forever.


A Place to Remember - photographic visions of spaces and landscapes brings together a selection of contemporary photographs from the private collection of Mango, which is being exhibited to the public on the occasion of the ARCO contemporary art fair in Madrid.The window display and the interiors of the stores located at Serrano, 60 and Preciados, 10 will house the selection of works, which will appear alongside the brand’s collections for one week, inviting its customers to participate in the brand’s ties with art.


These works and others belonging to the private collection of Mango are normally displayed at the company’s headquarters, where they co-exist with employees, who are able to take inspiration from the creativity of all these artists.And it this very sensation which Mango wishes to transfer to its consumers with this exhibition.The temporary exhibition will run from 24 February to 1 March.





The works


Window Display


Serrano Store

Weng Fen, Staring at the Lake 5

Candida Höfer, Bibliothèque de l’empereur, Château de Fontainebleau

Jordi Bernadó, Stockholm


 Preciados Store

Candida Höfer, San Martino, Napoli II

Peter Beard, 965 Elephants




Serrano Store

Weng Fen, Staring at the sea 8

Weng Fenn, Staring at the Lake 4

Mabel Palacín, Ensayo s/t


Preciados Store

Peter Beard, Men in Truck

Bae Bien-U, Pine Tree

Candida Höfer, Villa di Poggio a Caiano, Prato I

Candida Höfer, Le Sénat, Paris VIII

Edward Burkynsky, Chromogenic Print

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