The offering for this Autumn/Winter maintains the cultural character, modernity and passion the brand is committed to in the creation of its garments

Barcelona, 18 July 2018 – MANGO personifies in its new collection the evolution of its designs towards a more sophisticated and contemporary look.The brand has transferred its guiding cultural universe to Ibiza, the location in which it presented the offering for the Autumn/Winter 2018 season.

In a setting in which nature and design co-exist in an organic way, MANGO invited numerous national and international media to show the passion and authenticity with which the firm carries out its work.A strategy in which the customer is at the centre and the personality of the brand is the link to the authenticity.

The island of Ibiza was chosen to present the direction the brand has taken in a clear commitment towards timeless garments and a transformation in fabrics which represent the perfect dialogue the firm is experiencing between fashion and the artistic vision to which it is connected.

Garments with contemporary silhouettes and 70s-inspired prints, key among which is animal print, maintain the more natural spirit this location exudes, distancing themselves from conventionalisms.The garments have evolved, giving centre stage to an eclectic range of colours and volumes which are maintained in all the stylings, especially in heavy-knit garments, long-sleeved and round-neck pieces.Similarly, denim has evolved towards a more refined look with details on the stitching of each piece.

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