A new and intimate conversation to get to know our #mangogirls better.

We spent a day with our London based MANGO Girl, to discover her interests, favourite places, and to find out how she got here.

Growing up on a farm in the English countryside, fashion was not a part of Lucy’s early childhood. It was later, whilst working in fashion journalism, Lucy started her blog ‘Fashion Me Now’ to document her personal outfits and travel diaries.

Lucy’s blog and Instagram are the essential destination for fashion and lifestyle inspiration. Still a country girl at heart, she remains most comfortable in jeans, jumpers and boots.


9:00 AM

Around Portobello for a morning walk to get the day started.

“I am probably most proud of quitting my job, and going yet alone, it was a really scary decision and so far, its paid off. I am proud of jumping into the unknown”

10:00 AM

Pit stop at the local organic shop for fruit, vegetables and other groceries.

“I hold onto things just in case. Like I’m a real just-in-case person.”

13.30 PM

Heading to a local bookstore to discover Lucy’s must-read books.

“I love to read when I am travelling. Browsing around stores like this, and spending time reading the back covers of books.”

18:00 PM

“I love travelling. I love going away, but every time I land into Heathrow I do get that home feeling, which is good.”


Location: London

Photography: Carlos de la Reina

Video: Barbara Anastacio

Hair: Maarit

Make-up: Ninni Nummela


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